10% Tuesday- Spring Obsessions

As the Cali sun is in full bloom it’s time to get my closet ready for the sunny days and cool nights approaching. As always it’s Tuesday which means 10% off at Piperlime (use code: TUESDAY at checkout). Here are my obsessions this season!


Preparing For An Alien.. I Mean Baby!

At 25 weeks I’m starting to slow down while the reality is speeding up. Crap, is that even possible!!? I swear each day it gets more real and each inch gets more tight. It’s setting in that my little man will be here sooner than I know it and I haven’t got one gosh darn thing done. As a first time mom, I’m grappling with the fact that there is a lot that I won’t plan for (of coarse that just bothers my type A personality to the core), a lot I WILL forget and a lot I won’t realize I missed or even needed until the little monkey is in my arms. But after countless hours of research and many talks with other mommies out there, I have finally made my preparation list. So in the next few weeks these are the things I will focus on before my boy gets here!! (Aaahhh the countdown is approaching!!)

  • Make a baby registry. As we all know my blog steamed from my quarter life brokenness soooo with a new addition coming, I will need all the help I can. I’ve been told to not leave anything out and put it ALL down ’cause people are willing and actually want to help new parents!! SCORE, works for me! Some places to start are:
    1. Babies R Us
    2. Buy Buy Baby
    3. BabyList (http://babylistregistry.com/view)-let’s you put things from Etsy, amazon and Buy Buy Baby, vertically any store onto one registry.
    4. Myregisty.comalso let’s you can combine multiple stores into one.
  • Buy a crib. Yes, I live in a one bedroom with myself, my boyfriend and his 4 year old son. Yes, we plan on living there for another year. SOOOOOOO,  adding a baby crib to our already packed situation is going to be tough, seeing as I am an organizational, neat freak. But it’s necessary! Room upgrade here we come!
  • Cardinal rule #1- CAR SEAT- you need one to take the baby home!!
  • Attend a childbirth preparation class. Because being scared s***less really isn’t going to go over well when the time comes so I’d much rather be somewhat prepared on what’s to be expected. (You can find out more about classes through your doctor, which is the cheapest way, or any of your local birth centers.)
  • To breast feed or not to breast feed. Despite what some mothers may tell you or what you hear in the media, breast feeding is, yes good for your baby, however a personal choice! You have every right to say no to breast feeding if it is not for you. The only and best way to know is by, a) educating yourself and b) preparing.  But above and beyond anything just read up on all the facts and make the choice the best suites YOU!
  • Take lots of photos of my belly!! ‘Cause it’s a one in a million experience!



Please help me in welcoming my best friends new twin babies! I am soo happy for him and cannot wait to meet these little buggies. WELCOME TO FATHERHOOD! Seeing these precious beings has really put my own pregnancy into perspective. As it get’s closer to the time when I will get to hold my own little guy, it’s really starting to get more stressful, scary and most of all exciting.


White Wedding Wednesday

It’s wedding inspiration Wednesday and today I bring to you all white! There is just something so romantic about an all white ambiance infused with lots of lace and crystals. It’s such a real feeling of “Happily Ever After” and new beginnings.



Tasty Tuesday

So the whether out here in Cali has definitively been the envy of the country with it’s non-winter sun rays. But I absolutely will not complain. Instead I wanted to share some yummy drink recipes I have recently fell in love with. SO easy, SO healthy (well the non-alcoholic versions at least) and of coarse SO DELICIOUS!

Apricot Mint Julep

2 ripe fresh apricots

1 tsp line juice

1/2 packet sweetener

1 mint leaf

(**For alcoholic version add Bourbon)

Directions: Peel, pit and slice apricots.  Puree in food processor or blender with lime juice, sugar substitute and 1 mint leaf. Add 2 ice cubes or crushed ice and process/blend. Garnish with mint leaf for eye appeal.


Banana So Shy

1 cup cranberry juice

1 cup orange juice

1/2 banana

(**For alcoholic version add Vodka)

Directions: Puree/blend equal parts cranberry and orange juice with 1/2 banana (more to taste). Add 4 ice cubes or crushed ice to desired texture.


Blackberry Mint Bisque

4 cups blackberries

1/2 cup raspberry lemonade

1.5 cup  plain non-fat yogurt

(**For alcoholic version add gin)

Directions: Puree/blend blackberries and lemonade. Pour fruit mixture into a medium saucepan and heat on low for about 5 minutes to blend flavors. Remove soup from burner and whisk in yogurt. Chill and top with fresh mint for garnish.


Beautifully Pregnant- My body confession

(Disclaimer: I hope not to offend any loves out there but only to lend relief to other “mommies to be” who feel just like me. You are not alone.)
22+6 weeks and my belly is in full bloom. From size 6 to who knows, I got a baby in my pantyhose!! But on a serious note, being young, fit and yes, I’ll admit, sometimes vain; dealing with the changes of my body have been no walk in the park.
It all started with a little pudge. A flap that started to fold over my pants, I’d look at every time I was getting ready. Some days it made me frustrated and as it grew, it would make me cry. Week by week my belly became the obsessive focal point of my life: “What will hide my bump today? Color, I need to avoid color! Can anyone tell I’m pregnant? OMG I look like I ate a huge lunch and they’re all staring!” Yes the baby growing inside me as beautiful as it is, was becoming the torment of my daily routine.
“Use lots of coco butter.”
“Don’t take long showers.”
“Avoid hot water.”
“Don’t scratch.”
My every thought consumed!
Envy of the writings of woman who glowed over their tummies; the Instagram beauties with all their maternity fashion; the Facebook mothers who flourish with maternity knowledge. And then there is me, depressed with baby blues and not feeling the glory. Ashamed of the body I am now forced to walk in, sizes larger than I have ever been.
A compliment- “You are beautiful,” he says. “I love you even more.” But my mind is screaming, my eyes are swelling and for some reason… I just don’t see it. A pointy belly, flabby arms, cellulite in places I never knew could get that way. The mirror is my bully, the baby the antagonizer.
The outflow of emotions becoming so grand. My baby and I in limbo- fighting over my body and tugging at my emotional drawstring.
And then…
My heart sank! As I felt the rolls and punches of a playful body pushing against my soft tissues. Not just once but multiple jumps and hops, loud pushes and pops. And just then and only then, did the light of joy spread across me as the worries of my body seamed to fall and fade away. The realization that my body is now a home, a temple of life and a shelter of love. The consciousness that my body is a receiver of strength and a giver of  breath. The hope that through all my turmoil I was supplying an environment of nourishment and health.
My baby told me in that instant that I was woman, I was life… I was mommy.
And as my voyage continues and my bulge carries on, my epiphany will surely have it’s short comings. Some days I will still cry and certainly some days I will still hide; but the beauty of my confession to you today is that at the end of this all I am proud to be the barer of child. The movement inside me reminds me why I’m great. And here I now stand before you exposed, vulnerable and BEAUTIFULLY PREGNANT!



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